Caren Keyser

Caren Keyser

Color rules my art.  Expression rules my style and I love when a story is revealed in my paintings.  I have been called an intuitive painter because each painting begins with a bold application of paint. Then I recognize figures or other images within the paint strokes and develop those into my final artwork.
I began as a photorealist painter back when photorealism was new.  Now I am excited to work in an expressive style, allowing the paint itself to inform my image.  I strive to work from my imagination rather than copying reference material or a model. 

My recent work is abstract and larger on paper or canvas. Other paintings are small and expressionistic often on paper. I especially enjoy painting on Yupo, which is a plastic paper. Whether it is acrylic on paper or on canvas, the surface leaves its signature on the artwork. I have been doing various forms of art throughout my life.  I hope you enjoy all my creations.

Caren Keyser

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