CJ Kell Art Work

CJ Kell Art Work


Through renderings of botanical, ancient historical monuments, foreign landscapes, seascapes, Clyde tells a visual story of life’s journey. His work is in watercolor, acrylic, and oil paint and, occasionally, pen and ink with a tight, illustrative hand. Clyde created and operates an internet radio station for the past 20 years, playing nostalgic radio plays. Clyde has always been creative and a visual artist. However, with encouragement from his adult daughters, Clyde has taken his art to a professional level, and direction.

Clyde’s work is an expression of the adventure, and sometimes the torture, humans must endure. Clyde is fond of saying “my work is warm and fuzzy however living in this world is not always that.” “Working in a representational style with a tight illustrative hand I am predominantly self-taught, and my passion for nostalgic radio, history, and world travel influence each piece.”

Clyde states “I am not out to change the world. If my works of art put a twinkle in the eye and a smile on the face of the viewer. Then I have achieved the same reaction as my internet radio station. Helping someone to take a break from their hurried troubled day.”

Clyde is an award-winning international artist, and his work can be viewed across the internet.

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Clyde J. Kell Art Work