Anastasiya Kharchenko

Anastasiya Kharchenko

Anastasiya Kharchenko
Ukrainian film director and artist living and working in Kiev and Odessa
Member of the National union of cinematography of Ukraine

Anastasiya Kharchenko was born in Bendery, Moldova. She graduated from the Film and Television Institute of the Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts in 2004. Her films have been exhibited and selected for award at many international film festivals.
She started oil painting in 2016, and very quickly her painting has become a primary creative outlet. She loves Nature and shows this love through her painting, so most of her paintings are seascapes and animal art. She creates what brings her joy, deeply moves her heart, her works are perceived as a charge of positive energy. Her paintings fascinate with laconic compositional solutions and combination of colors. Contrast and harmony of color patches become the highlights of her creativity. Her sense of color depth and sunlight create a special atmosphere of art poetry and the joy of life. With the help of color she reproduces different emotional intonation: from lyrical tunes to dynamic states. She continues to search, explore and experiment.

She exhibits in galleries and museums worldwide and her paintings are represented in private collections in USA, Germany, Netherland, Russia, Spaine and Israel.

Solo exhibitions:
“Water”, Art gallery “Sady Pobedy”, Odessa, Ukraine, 2019;
“Inspired by Nature”, Cultural House Fanny, Vaasa, Finland, 2018;
“Way to the Sea”, Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi museum, Akkerman, Ukraine, 2018;
"With a View of the Sea", Spivakovska ART:EGO gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine, 2018.