francine mabie

francine mabie

As an artist, I have always been drawn to the essence of an emotion elicited by my subject. Whether it is with a brush or a camera, the guidelines to my imagery remains the same. A well thought out composition and the direction of the light is essential. What is it that I can offer the viewer that draws them in, can cause them to recount a memory and speaks to them directly? Whether it’s a painting evoking the power of the thoroughbred racing with the heart of a champion or an orchid that suggest human emotions. My paintings as well as my photographs are my way to illicit human emotions that we all relate to on some level. I feel passionate about the more recent works that have demanded an image outta my head. I hope for some connection to us all as members of the human race. Figures twisted together, the plight of a human being, a child, an American flag rendered with honor, an American flag painted to show the hypocrisy of it all, the passion and sorrow of social injustice. Still important to me is how does a subject sit in the atmosphere…how does the light play upon the surface that makes it come alive. People tell me what they see and often it’s entirely different than what I was trying to express…and is it not the ultimate compliment for an artist to have a work speak directly and intimately to another?

Francine (Stuart) Mabie (née Costantini) was born in New York City and raised in the Catskills. She received her Bachelor of Arts with a concentration in studio art.

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