Chrysanthe Maggidis

Chrysanthe Maggidis

My name is Chrysanthe and I was born in Greece, raised and educated both in the United States and Europe. I have been trained in various mediums such as drawing (charcoal, graphite, pastel, ink), painting (oil, acrylic, egg tempera), printmaking (etching, woodblock carving, lithography, monoprinting), sculpture (wood, metal/welding, and plaster), and photography (film, digital, Lightroom photoshop).

As an emerging artist, my work has always revolved around the human body. I explored gestures, rendered with dramatic lighting and frenetic mark making, studied forms of body language, and created artwork charged with emotion connecting to the idea of sentiment and evolution of character in human behavior.

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Charcoal Drawings (18x24)

Gestural Work (14X18)

Charcoal Studies (18X24)

Still Life & Landscapes