Christopher Vidal

Christopher Vidal

hristopher Vidal is an artist born in Malta and living in Sydney since 2009. As from childhood, Chris developed an interest in art and for two years he attended art classes to develop skills in drawing and watercolour. Chris enjoys painting different subjects ranging from realistic landscapes to abstract artwork. His current work is primarily in oils and acrylics but he occasionally paints in watercolor.

His inspirations come from nature and the various wild habitats of the Australian landscape. His landscape painting style varies between realism to impressionism and he describes it as painting realistic landscapes in an impressionistic way. He is a member of a number of art societies and exhibits his work regularly in various local exhibitions.

Recent work also include modern abstract paintings which he finds interesting and enjoyable to do due to the spontaneous way he can express himself through these artworks. His scientific background is what gives him inspiration for these modern artworks. He feels that in the same way that everything in this universe is made up of very small abstract and non-living particles, artworks are also made up of different pigments that create color when light is reflected from them and which can be developed to either make up an abstract painting or to a more realistic one depending on how far the artist wants to develop his painting.

His works are found in private and corporate collections in Australia, Malta, China, UK and United States.