Christopher Maxum Photography

Christopher Maxum Photography

Christopher Maxum is a British photographer & poet living in London
specialising in high contrast black and white scenes of the city, colourful nature and landscapes, and other urban scenes.

My city photographic style can include dramatic deep shadows, glistening light, sharp or steeper angles of views, burn out, scenic juxtapositions of interest, often moody, often with impact, compositions that might speak more to you or in different ways... it might take a while for you to get "into the zone" but I like the strong dramatic contrasts - so I've stuck with it in a lot of my black and whites thus far... I enjoy seeing the burn outs and deep shadows that change mood and perception, grunge and imperfections have a place in some photographs, but also the fine detail is there (I used tripods alot) within a scene to bring it to a different level too.

Other themes include trees that captivate, and landscapes in stylised or vivid colour and saturation to illicit uplifting feelings, and some hdr (or even often light or subdued colour to illicit gentler feelings... to relax to.. to dream or chill out with...

I think in photography we should experiment and photographers should develop their own styles and develop a few of the many techniques and ideologies in photography to avoid being the same as everyone else... hdr can be incredible with great colour impact but can sometimes be soulless and generic... even if unpopular to whats in vogue it keep photography diverse...

Christopher Maxum also uses the pseudonym of Jason Christopher for his personal photographic art genre in which Jason has worked upon his photography for many hours, and often even many weeks, to transform an image (or many of his images of personal photography) to create some other works of interest

My poetry is diverse, from deep emotional places, the spiritual and religious, to complete parody, to journeys of the mind, comments on humanity and our world of endless change... often metaphorical, often illusions with a montage of thoughts from multiple perspectives expressed through the powerful pronouns I and You.... and...

...Abstracted reality and non reality but a place in your mind..

All photography, art work, poetry and writings are copyrighted
© Christopher Maxum 2019
all rights reserved

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"Scenes of London" and "The moods of Spring" galleries are available as very large prints.
All other galleries will only be available 24'' prints for the time being.

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