Christopher Maxum Photography

Christopher Maxum Photography

Christopher Maxum is a British photographer living in London
specialising in black and white scenes of the city and urban scenes.

His style can include dramatic deep shadows, glistening light, sharp or steeper angles of views, scenic juxtapositions of interest, compositions that might speak more to you... it might take a while for you to get "into the zone" but I like the strong dramatic contrasts - so I've stuck with it in a lot of my black and whites thus far...

Other themes include trees that captivate, and landscapes in stylised or vivid (or subdued) colour to illicit uplifting or gentler feelings...

My poetry is diverse, from deep emotional places to complete parody and pisstake, to journeys of the mind, comments on humanity and our world of endless change, and

©Christopher Maxum 2019

Moods of London Spring