Artist Christine Ugbomah

Artist Christine Ugbomah

Christine was born in England, and raised in Brooklyn NY. Christine is a plural artist using mediums such as oils, acrylics, fabric & beading in her work. Christine is active in performing and creative arts!
She is always looking for other mediums to express herself.
Christine is an author, poet, and a mime!

Showcasing and selling her work at the August Wilson African American Cultural Center from 2017-2018.
After receiving a mini internship at the Pittsburgh Glass Center.

Christine's love for powdered glass gave her the opportunity to have her work exhibited from the Idea Furnace Program at Pittsburgh
Glass Center Gallery June 7th, 2019-July 28th 2019.

Recently Christine stretches her vision to become one of 90 artists to paint a chair, and chose the color
Rose Gold for the commissioned "Pull Up A Chair" Project
for the Visit Pittsburgh Center.

Her love of photography brought some of her photographs to the Carnegie Museum of Art Oh Snap Project in 2013 in Pittsburgh, PA . Purchase her work today.

Christine's Gallery