Christina Bell Art

Christina Bell Art

"The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away" -Pablo Picasso

Christina Bell believes in this.

Her paintings have been purchased for private collections in the US and France. She has also been asked to donate, and has donated her paintings to charitable causes.

With revenue from her YouTube channel (Christina Bell on a Budget) and through the sale of her art Christina aspires to donate to many charities and causes. “I myself have been close witness to true suffering. Some causes close to heart are for Cancer research, Alzhiemers research, children's hospitals, Autism Speaks, Suicide Prevention, Parkinson’s research...

“I had the pleasure of working with Alive Again Ministries in Mongomery NY. A wonderful cause!”


Christina Bell is an artist born in NYC. She believes strongly that true art should be viewed and translated differently by the individual viewing it. They are the ones who develop the story behind each canvas.

Christina has been passionate about not describing the inspiration behind most of her work. “I like to leave it up to someone else’s imagination. People often ask me ‘is that a such and such?’ or ‘does this represent such and such?’ I always respond with ‘what do you see?’ Normally, when I sit down at a blank canvas I have no ideas in mind. My paintings just evolve. I paint for the joy of painting, not to impress. I paint on absolutely anything I can get my hands on. Cardboard, canvas, the bottom of broken dresser drawers. Anything. I just paint because I enjoy it.”


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Please contact should there be a painting in the gallery posted "not for sale"... It could be down to clear coat it or work on it. But, anything in Gallery is available.

Note: Paintings may have slightly different color variations when pictures are taken of them.


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