Chris Reinhardt

Chris Reinhardt is an artist who originally grew up in East London. Chris graduated from the University of Hertfordshire with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art and is currently studying towards an MA.
As an artist, Chris has exhibited work across Europe and Asia as well as being actively involved in art groups and local arts communities. He confidently works in a wide range of medias understanding the importance of selecting the appropriate materials to match the concept of his finished work.
Chris has lived, travelled and exhibited his work across Asia, including Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong, where he currently resides.
Through the use of painting, photography, illustration and drawing, Chris’ artwork takes an in-depth look at the easily overlooked. Using the locations that he has lived and traveled through, he aims to delve beyond the surface value of these places, exploring culture, customs and daily life sensitively within his art.
Chris reminds us to consider how we cooperatively share the world around us hoping to champion respect, tolerance and understanding of the customs and cultures that we encounter on a daily basis.

Space Cat


Hong Kong city collages

city patterns