Chris Richford

Chris Richford

Pencil hashed and layered across paper or sharp line drawing. Sloshed watercolour running, blending, bleeding. Raw oil stabbed on canvas. We need to get some energy into our work while retaining sensitivity. Work from the fingers, the wrist, the elbow and even the shoulder.
Art has always been with me since the days as a child. My mother would buy me rolls of wallpaper to work on the back because my drawing consumed so much paper.
Portraits are my favourite subject. I prefer to produce real time pieces of work from life in the medium of pencil sketch. I use line over line to build up form. It is surprising how the energy of the personality can be conveyed by the energy of the line put down. Sketches can also be used to produce other pieces of composite work or the foundation for more elaborate pieces.

I have regularly attended life drawing and am a member of Stroud Life Drawing. Life drawing is the ultimate test because we all live in a body and are naturally very aware if a representation of such an image is 'right'. (You can paint a tree with an extra limb and no one will comment but you don't get the same latitude with drawing human form!) This discipline is the foundation of all art from landscape to still life to animal.

I am based in the countryside of Stroud Gloucestershire (UK) and have exhibited in Cheltenham Gloucester and Stroud. Currently Kendrick gallery Stroud.

My inspirations have also recently included the far east province of Macau which form the basis of the artwork on this gallery.