Hi my name is chris richards and i created a small video gaming business and made a video game which i,am proud of myself for giving it ago.

but since i were a tiny kid i loved to draw pictures and use to draw them for my friends and for something to do.

The funny thing is i would eirth throw them away or give them to strangers.

people would always ask me why don't i become something or someone who dose drawing?

i felt like it was a gift that i liked to do on and off and i still do.
but i didnt think there were ever a job or a hobbie where i could go online and share what i love to do.

i know people love videos games so i turned my drawing skills on to video games.
But then i stumbled upon this!.

So here iam excited and ready to give this ago.
im not saying iam going to sell any pictures or make any money.
but most important thing to me is people knowning who iam.

most of my life ive been the outsider the lonely one who gets picked last.
So i made myself one day believe i can be the first one picked one day and be popular for once and be liked.

So i wish to do the things i love to been known for that one thing and feel happyness from people been happy for the things ive done for them :)

thank you for reading.

Dark Fantasy