Chris Phoenix Designs

Chris Phoenix Designs

Sign: Cancer
Dob: 07/09/1980
Born: Northampton, Massachusetts

About me: At around age 7 I started my interest in sketch art when I realized I could create decent likenesses of most images from photos or comic books. For some reason I preferred the higher contrast capabilities of pens, though I wanted to learn to shade as one would with a pencil, so I decided in 4th grade to strictly use ball point pen for any finished work I was to create. There are far many more unfinished works than those worthy of print by now, though.

Around age 8 or 9 I started teaching myself music and ventured down that path with fervor, never to stray. Since I've learned audio engineering and play multiple instruments, as well as teach. Much of my work lately has been commission pieces and logos for fellow musicians and local business.

In my late teens and early 20's I started dabbling in photography, since I took an image editing class at Community College when I was 15. I've only on occasion taken time to photograph and just recently started getting back into it.

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