Natural Fire

Natural Fire

Comedy, form, color, and expression are the foundations of my artwork. The caricatures that evolve from clay are not based on anyone in particular, but focus primarily on the expressions to evoke the viewer to have some sort of reaction. Large ceramic sculptures, upwards to six feet tall, are my passion, and are intended to make an even louder statement due to their large scale.

My artwork can be described as comedic interpretations of faces and figures using out of the ordinary colors to create a sense of whimsey. I mix passion and spontaneity in order to connect with the viewer to evoke an emotional response. Music is relevant in my work due to the movement in my forms, and the usage of visible brush work. My artwork is a symbol of the different emotions that we as humans encounter on a daily basis.

Controversial subjects such as nudity, and erotica are relevant in my work to help liberate and question our established vision of what sexuality is . Cartoons are a big inspiration in my work, and the use of exaggerated features is a result of these inspirations.

I am a living and working artist out of Sacramento, CA. I was formally introduced to art in 1996, but my margins in my notebooks growing up always had doodles in them. I have been making a living selling my creations since 2004.