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Flower Art Gallery


Chris is an artist in the style of American modernism originated by Georgia O'Keeffe in the early 20th century. Like the great Georgia O'Keeffe she also enjoys painting very large flower blossoms, large natural landscapes, wild animals, and whatever natural beauty she can find. Chris has been painting oils on canvas for the last 35 years and although she has taken a few classes, she considers herself "self-taught". She began by copying Georgia's works but later developed her own style that is more representative and modern than Georgia's paintings. She paints and commissions very large paintings to fit best in large spaces. But more recently she has been painting small works of birds and animals sold quite inexpensively. She intends to travel during the Spring, Summer, and Fall to neighboring states in the Northeast for shows. If you send email to her, she will keep you up to date on her show schedule.

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