Greetings extended to you here reading this.
Thank you for sharing the common gift of appreciating what is around our world in nature captured in every way,,form and style yet mostly on paper.
Drawing became a personal interest at a young age of eleven,whoo! Many years ago.It began after i had copied an illustration of a comic box exactly to the tee.It left my family amazed..so was I,from there a spark ignited..
Having pursued the art subject in high school, as well as appreciating the different elements used to view the world as an art-It's still an eye catcher to this simple soul to capture it on paper, photo or just quiet moments.
This gallery shares space with other artists by whom
sharing their pieces I came across,wills others to enjoy those moments gazing at something beautiful.
Hoping every piece is worth your time!If it resonates deeper than a gaze,take it out of this page to your wall ;))

Enjoy the Peace granted,


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