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Chloe Tulloch

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My name is Chloe Tulloch and I have been an artist for all of my life. I see art in everything around us, but I have a deep infatuation for the darkness and the mystery surrounding the human psyche. My paintings and drawings are all a result of my deep love for uncovering the tragedies and suffering of the individual in our modern age, with many of my paintings being inspired by the impact of war, societal pressures and homelessness. For me, my art is a way of communicating sorrow in the hope of provoking change and awareness in those who witness it.

In a sense, my art is also a method of healing and consolation; from a very young age I have suffered from anxiety and depression, so I channel this in my artwork and I firmly believe that this helps me connect deeply with the subjects I paint.

My main influences are Jenny Saville and Francis Bacon, both of which are stunning portrait artists. My love for Jenny Saville stems from my fascination with her ability to defy societal expectations of beauty, for example her paintings of obese women and her tactile representation of palpable human flesh amaze me. Bacon's work fascinates me in a different way; his focus on the tragic hero and the tragedies of the modern man hit home for me in a way that no other artist really can. Both artists inform my mindset and approach to the way I work.

Most of my art is quite mixed media, with paint, graphite, masking tape and charcoal being among my most used tools. I believe that using layers upon layers of different media provides a slow physical reveal of the personality that I paint.

I hope you enjoy my artwork and if you have any questions, please contact me!

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