Chinese Lion Tamer

Alexis Wong has been both drawing and practicing martial arts since childhood. She was born in Sacramento, California. She remained there until adulthood and then attended Sacramento State, where she earned a Bachelors degree focused in both Film Studies and Art Studio. After finishing her Degree, she taught Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and Lion Dancing while producing small educational shorts on her youtube channel "ChineseLionTamer." It was teaching Kung fu that helped her realize her passion for working with children. This has led her to her present pursuance for a Masters in Animation at UCLA.

Alex has always found fascination for animals, both real and imaginary. She has experience in a variety of mediums which she uses to tell stories and let her imagination run wild. She uses her present internet tag "TameroftheWorld" as a mantra that every individual has the duty of taming their own internal monsters as a goal in their life journey.

Chinese Lion Paintings

Chinese Lion Drawings