Chillax Art

Chillax Art

Thanks so much for your interest in Chillax Art.
I love to create images that inspire a feeling of calm, meditative spaciousness. It is my hope that the my art work will help you relax, and spark your meditative mind.
I often draw my inspiration from nature and imbue what I see with a surrealistic perspective. In this way I hope to create a bridge between the viewer and the natural world
I create these images on on Surface Pro using either Art Rage or Corel software.

So.....take a deep breath, relax your shoulders and gaze at the images here knowing they will take you into a more relaxed state.
Thank you,
Sue Schmidt
Chillax Art

In my other life, I am a massage therapist, healer, energy worker and hypnotherapist. A lot of my images become covers for my guided meditation audio programs. If you want to find out more about guided meditations and hypnotherapy you can go to If you are interested in massage, and energy work

Chillax Art: Art for Meditation

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