Cheryl Jenkins

Cheryl Jenkins

From an early age, I have had a love for nature, and expressed myself through painting, drawing and sculpture. This constant passion for art led me to achieve a BA (Hons) in Fine Art.
After regularly exhibiting, I became interested in tattooing as an art form in 1999, and subsequently opened two custom studios- this was at a time when this service was still a rare commodity. Surprisingly, I have often felt that my spiritual openness has been very important in my bespoke tattoo work, as well as my fine art. Even though I continue to run and create within these studios to the present day, I’m now better known for using my love of the landscape, the animal kingdom, and my attempt portray connections between universal energies, as subjects in my artwork.

During my life, my affinity with animals has been a constant, and this, coupled with my 13 years experience working in the field of psychic art has led me to create many of the totem pieces I am inspired to do today.

I’ve often been asked if I paint auras, but I don’t so much see auras as ‘feel’ them , but I do believe that I paint the ‘energy’ of my subject, rather than a representational image.

Sometimes the simplest concepts are by far the hardest to put into words, but I am hoping that my work expresses my inspirations and ideas in a way that is , for the main part, easily accessible and enjoyed whatever your beliefs.


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