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Was born on April 19, 1990 in Ukraine, in a family of artists. Studied at Specialized School No. 1 in Lutsk, Ukraine. After school I graduated Volyn College of Culture and Arts named after I.F. Stravinsky where studied arts and crafts. I painted for a long time on an order and exhibited my work in my hometown.
Fine Artist for 15 years. paint often, everyday at 5 oclock, it brings pleasure to me,
one picture each day. I take my inspiration from everything, drawing for me is not a hobby it is my soul.
I am inspired by nature. Most often get new ideas during thunderstorms and rain.
During this quiet period I am most focused on my works of art. I also really like to hand over my paintings and to see the happy eyes of art buyers and their satisfaction with my work.
Also I am working to support wildlife conservation. "Wildlife Art", the share goes to wildlife conservation projects
This fund was established a couple of weeks ago and will start working on July 2021.
And I urge everyone not to be indifferent and to support our wildlife.

At 15 I realized that drawing is my everything, that I will do only this and nothing else. Here I am an artist and thanks all of you hope you enjoying my art.

Volyn College I.F. Stravinsky 2005-2009
and 5 years of study at a Ukrainian talented artist 2009-2014

Luxembourg Art Prize 2021
Ukraine,in the VONSKHU Art Gallery
young volyn, autumn salon 2017
Coffee House ,, Caffeine, Lutsk Ukraine 2015
Palace of Culture of Lutsk city, charity evening ,, I dream ,,
The charity evening was aimed at raising funds for the Volyn Center for Social Rehabilitation of Children with Disabilities, which takes care of 87 disabled children from 2 to 18 years, 27 of whom live there.Ukraine 2010