Art is a way:

Oil pastel, acrylic, marker or pencil are good enough, that can give colors and forms.

Beyond studies (science, music, dance and aïkido), she had plastic artistic practices (drawings, paintings, photographs, ...) during 20 years.
Since 10 years meeting a great abstract painter F.Prat and art people (dealers, curators, artisan, gallerists,...), this online gallery is possible for your choices. Owner and collector have good facilities to see and buy easily.

Thinking about art in life, art in society and art in cultural events, the best way to show you is to have a web gallery.
Since last year, understanding that now it is possible to show some works, she started this artpal online gallery so art lovers can easily get the image from the original or the original.

Do you use to have some clear thinking while you walking? That why she named her profile "cheminant" that mean "walking on a path" in french.

She want to give you the best images that you can think about, or print.