Luis Mesquita ¨Charruart¨

Luis Mesquita ¨Charruart¨

"Inspired by the great mystery I Discover this new way to connecting from the Color from the sacred and the awakening of consciousness. Mitakuye Oyasin.

It was in the magical Aruba, place Characterized by the force of the elements, Where I Could Connect with the forms of the driftwood.
My works cover the gamut of colors and shapes.
From subdued, natural colors reflecting things in nature like the magic of the creatures of the sea, to bright bursts of color, inspired in the primitivism and the visionary Art.

CharruArt born in 2011,Opening a new door,also in my life .
I was influenced by the relationship with the environment, with the four elements.
The deep blue ocean, the wind does not stop, the fire of the summer sun and earth Connecting with ancestral memory.
I learn to be alone in silence with nature and with my MATE (traditional Uruguayan infucion)
My art is self-taught and what i make ,is what I feel ,is like to be a channel of this energy.
The notion of working as a Contemporary Artist of the nature (Environmental Contemporary artists) Working with assemblage created from driftwood, corals, snails, recycled plastics Collected from the beaches.
This alchemy seduce me, is like transforming Something That is useless and worthless in a piece of art and Also to Provide a bit to recover Mother Earth and raise awareness.
I am a grateful person and convinced "When we believe, we Create" Charruart was one of the signs, we all Have them all the time, it is Important to Connect with your heart
and listening the environment and be part of everything

(Contemporary environmental assemblage wall art work, made from driftwood found objects. Abstract art created from recycled driftwood Collected from Aruba beaches.
Primitive art visionary.
Driftwood Art, Assemblages, Painting, Urban Art, sculpture, theater, plastic exprecion, workshops, ecology, recycling, Philosophy.)