Charity Dawnn Art

Charity Dawnn Art

Hello, I am Charity. I began drawing at a very early age with my great grandfather, Papa Jack. He had me drawing rabbits over and over again. Doodling rabbits turned into coyotes, then trees, and pretty soon I was able to fill the whole landscape from his imagination into mine. I loved spending time with him and listening to his stories. After he passed, I treasured that feeling I had felt from our time spent together drawing and storytelling even more. I continued to draw, and taught myself to paint, taking a few art classes through grade school and later into college.

I was always told you need to have a “real job”. This resonated loudly in my mind after divorcing and becoming a single mother at the age of 24, so I went to college, and heeding everyone’s advice, obtained my Bachelors in Business with concentration in Management Information Systems (hence my day gig as a Systems Administrator). Which is all good and fine, but in the mix I didn’t pick up my sketchbook or paint brushes much through those years. When I did, I found that feeling again, but it was always short-lived because the real world was constantly nagging at me.

I had graduated from college and obtained my “real job” and every once in a while I would doodle at work. Co-workers were always in awe, very complimentary of my work, asking me why I didn’t do more with it. I would say thank you and just shrug. I’m not sure if it was fear, uncertainty, or the overwhelming feeling about the lack of time I felt I had...or probably all of the above that held me back. After battling through emotional life changes over the next few years, I decided I had to find a way back into the light, not just for me, for my daughters, and all the others who care and depend on me. And I did when I began to draw and paint again. I found and continue to hold onto that feeling I had as a child, sitting with my Papa, just doodling and creating like nothing else in the world matters. I found me again and a whole new love and appreciation for art.

Against all of my nagging uncertainties and fears, I eventually started posting some of my artwork on social media, and came to realize how much others enjoyed them. I then began selling some of my art, doing a gallery show here and there, posting more on social media, and people started asking me do pieces they wanted, so I began doing commissions. All of this, along with the support of my family and friends, has given me an immense amount of gratitude, along with the courage to further my ambitions.

As a mostly self-taught artist, my work expresses my continuous experimentation and growth. I would consider myself a free spirit, and I believe that can be seen in the diversity of my pieces. I love working in a variety of mediums, especially mixed, and I’m also known to snap a photograph or two when something captures my eyes. I find inspiration in so many things, the sky, the ocean, nature, my daughters, my friends, other artists, and the imaginative mystical dreamy stuff...haha. This list is sure to grow as I continue to grow and create.

Thank you for your time and allowing me to share a small glimpse of who I am with you. I hope you enjoy my artwork as much as I do creating them.

Stay tuned…More to come!

Charity Dawnn (Heskett) Trussell

If interested in originals, or if you would like to inquire about custom works, please contact me at the e-mail address above. Thank you.

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