Charina Viljoen

Charina Viljoen

Born in South Africa I come from a background that's filled with unique experiences and a lot of culture and diversity but one thing that's always surrounded me is art. My grandmother paints and my father draws, sculpts and creates music so it's just natural that I would follow suit. Art is a passion of mine and I've been drawing and making art for about as long as I can remember.

My art style is varied with psychedelic art, dark and mysterious art, modern art and anything I set my mind to as I consider drawing to be something I do to let out emotions and feelings. Seldom will you find me sticking to one thing since it's from my heart that I create these pieces, likewise will I rarely do prints or copies of my pieces since they are truly a part of me and truly a glimpse into the soul.

A great deal of the art that I create is with graphite pencils (Derwent being my favorite to use), water colour as well as ordinary coloured pencils and pens and occasionally even paint. Most of the time I tend to mash together these mediums to create unique art, seldom following rules, since rules are for fools and art is all about evoking an emotional response and expressing ones self.

I'm situated in Brisbane but hope to travel the world one day and if life goes as planned I'd love to be able to open a little gallery of my own in a small town to create art all day and to hopefully help guide other aspiring artists to let their creative side go and to experiment and to see what the world of creating has in store for them.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my profile, there are so many wonderful and talented individuals with far more qualifications than me so you have no idea how truly blessed I feel to be able to start this journey as an artist. The beautiful creature in my profile picture is Django, just in case you were wondering and no... he doesn't do anything creative. He does however meow at the door and attack toes at all ungodly hours of the morning.

Charina Viljoen.