M&D Shades Of Chaos

M&D Shades Of Chaos


I have traveled through madness to find me. Ever had your mind made up your whole life that your were absolutely meant to be one thing and one thing only? Then chaos comes and rearranges your entire plans? My life didn’t turn out as I had planned and in the midst of the chaos I found magic. Art was always something I enjoyed, loved and passed on through my parents who are both artists. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I possessed the power to deeply move a person through my art. The best thing about art is there are no rules. Shades of chaos for me is my troubles, my hopes, my insecurities, my passions, everything wrapped up into one. Basically art is my therapy and my hope which all revolves around love. Welcome to my life, please embrace the chaos!


Photo shoot of me, original photos