CarolHanson, artist

Graduating from Colorado State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, I was determined to become a successful artist. I had no idea just what that meant.
Due to a life changing decision to foster/adopt my 5 month old "great niece", my art career necessarily, took a back seat for awhile. First attempts to start again, produced some interesting results, however, painting time was often stolen for our wonderful adoptive daughter, who it turned out, had special needs.

Art then became a "release." Color was a passion for me. Whether it is warm or cool, pastel or brilliant, if it elicits responses that inspire or calm, invite and detour thoughts, I am happy.
Shape and brush strokes are also important aspects of my work. Along with color, I will always leave places where your eyes can rest.

As I continue to paint, I am developing a language of sorts. I have a repertoire of shapes and colors that can be used in a future painting. If you can go to these "other places" and escape to areas unknown, release some unwanted tension for just a little while, my painting will be a success.