Curtis Greer's Dynamic Arts

Curtis Greer's Dynamic Arts

Hello Art World, my name is Curtis Greer. I grew up in New Castle, Pennsylvania with two brothers, five sisters and a terrific mother. Ever since I was 10 years of age, I've been looking to find my inner talent. One day I was coloring in my coloring book and I was fascinated by the pictures and how well they were drawn. That's what I wanted to do. In every coloring book I had that had a picture covered by a square grid, I started practicing drawing that picture in the grid. My older sister Jessica was doing the same thing. As the years went by, I started getting better at drawing the pictures in the grid. Once I was 19 years old, I began drawing my very own picture without the grids and it became a hobby. That's when I knew that drawing was my talent and I was influenced by my older sister Jessica. Art actually runs in my family. My older brother can draw and some of my cousins have a thing for drawing, but none of them have that same passion that I do for drawing.




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