Charles F Miller

Charles F Miller

To me, art is not too complicated. You begin with an idea. You let it germinate and let it develop whether the art is a song, a story, jewelry, woodwork, or a painting. Often, the finished creation is nothing like I thought it might be when I began. Along the way my mind sees some other destiny for the piece. Sometimes it seems the art speaks to me, and I must listen.

I've been many things over the years, and I've never been able to escape the tension between wanting to create and needing to do other things. Now, it seems, I'm an old man who wants to keep creating for the rest of my years. And hopefully, I'll find the time and health to do all the things I like: write songs, sing, play guitar, write, create wooden and metal items, paint, and teach and speak about the Creator who saves by grace.

Texas Hill Country