Cerdan A. Smith is a Celebrity Media Host and Celebrity Videographer/Photographer; who along with his Publicist/Co-Host Carole has interviewed many celebrities; such as Actor Chris Tucker, Obba Babatunde, The Whispers, Shaquille O'Neal, The Pointer Sisters, Pat Boone, Lou Diamond Phillips, Sugar Ray Leonard, Derek Fisher, Byron Scott, Paul Mooney, The Mooney Twins, Joe Mantegna, Billy Zane, George Lopez, Comedian/Actor Michael Colyar, Actor Lou Gossett Jr.,Actress Sheri Bellafonte; Entertainer Freda Payne,Actor Richard Roundtree, Actor Glynn Turman, Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs, Actor Chris La Vrar, Actor Alan Thicke, Laker star Magic Johnson, Laker Champion Jamal Wilkes, Actor Henry Winkler, Alan Artist Freda Payne; Actress Marla Gibbs, Artist Howard Hewett; Actor Richard Roundtree, Layzie Bones of Bones Thugs and Harmony; Governor Jerry Brown; Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsome; Reverend Jessie Jackson; Congresswoman Diane Watson; Author Burt Boyar, .. All others too extensive to mention. Although Cerdan is a Celebrity Media Host; his passion is painting. Celebrities who own paintings from Cerdan Art include, Ellen DeGeneres , Magic Johnson, Tommy Lasorda, Joey Lasorda, Jermaine Jackson, Top Cop Chief Bill Braden; and so many more.




Tommy Lasorda