Nicole Buffett

Nicole Buffett

This series of original paintings by artist Nicole Buffett is inspired by the work of Center for Council, a California-based nonprofit organization. A portion of the proceeds from this series will benefit the organization.

Nicole Buffett | Artist Statement

My paintings reflect a shamanic visioning grounded in healing and expansion of consciousness. In this new world paradigm, making art is the creation of the sacred object. The sacred object as a means of carrying an energy and message between the maker and the world. As an artist, I experience myself as a facilitator, creating a synthesis between the inner and outer worlds.

This series, Council of Change Makers, was inspired by Center for Council's work bringing sometimes adversarial people together to celebrate their common ground and purpose. Each unique piece represents the power of bringing together elements in a united whole. The archetype of the circle conjures a sense of wholeness, depicting what it means to create space for disparate elements to gather and become more than the sum of their parts.

I use a mixture of mediums ranging from pigments, inks, acrylics and various foraged organic matter. The wide range of materials seek to embody the complex relationship humans have with the natural world. Both chaos and order seek to be present in the process of making. Surprise, control and depth of mystery are integral elements within each piece. The array of materials used in this series reflects the diversity of perspectives present in the council circle; bridging like and unlike qualities, as we do when we gather in a circle. The work carries its own intention, and prayer medicine. The painting elevates itself beyond the 2D image into a topographical diagram revealing the ecosystem of transformation and meditation.

As our world begins to re-align itself with environmental and human preservation, my work speaks to a new territory of magic and possibility.

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Center for Council | About

Center for Council delivers programs and trainings that promote communication, enhance well-being, build community, and foster compassion. Our work supports a sustainable shift toward a more cooperative, creative, and engaged culture, transforming relationships, strengthening teamwork, fostering a sense of inclusion, and supporting health and wellbeing.

Our methodology has proven to transform environments of anger, aggression and hostility, enabling individuals to connect with others in new and meaningful ways, creating a safe and supportive space for self-expression without fear of judgment, and supporting the development of effective communication skills, cooperation and resilience.

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Council of Changemakers