Colm Hughes of Celtic Icons

Colm Hughes of Celtic Icons

Who is the artist?
Colm Hughes is an Irish artist of
celtic artwork, painter & designer.
"I am an artist of life! As an artist I am constantly inspired by the world around me, everything from the natural world to the build environment to all things in popular culture. These all continue to give me nuggets of creativity. I take deep inspiration from my Celtic heritage and roots which I try to reproduce continually in my artwork.
Colm is originally from a technical background: technical drawing & construction producing many detailed architectural drawings by hand and mostly with Computer Aided Design (Auto CAD) over the years.
Colm has always had a creative artistic touch, throughout his child hood talking inspiration from Celtic Legends to Early Christian Art to the comic books of Marvel, DC Comics & 2000AD to the very influential Art Deco, Mucca, the Renaissance artist of Michaelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, Steam Punk & Japanese culture.
"We came up with the idea of Celtic Icons to create beautiful Celtic art that captured the spirit of Ireland and that embodied all of the Celtic nations." Colm Hughes
Jim Fitzpatrick has always been an inspirational Irish artist for me. His outstanding works always speak for themselves. To Leonardo Da Vinci,
Famous artists to the fashion movement of Art Deco and Art Novaic.... especially the Mucca style of art.

Break The Rules- Lead Balloon

Silence, Look With Your Eyes! Brown

Silence, Look With Your Eyes! GREEN

Silence, Look With Your Eyes! RED

Silence, Look With Your Eyes!

Crazy Cheshire Cat & Cats

The Firebird Ballet

Judgement- Purple


PEACE, Acrylic on Canvas

Three Hounds CelticIntercross Bronze

Three Hounds CelticIntercross SILVER

Three Hounds Celtic Intercross GOLD

Salmon of Knowledge- Silver on Black