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Celestial D-Vine Design


I am a bohemian soul who just loves to paint and share beauty with others. I have been painting on and off since I was a teen. I took art every year in high school. I even won an art award in my senior year. My teacher wanted me to apply for a scholarship to an art school but I wanted to be a police officer. Well, here I am, and I am not a police officer and never have been. I wish I listened to my teacher.

My favorite arist is Van Gogh. I guess you can say, I get him. At least I believe I do. He saw the world differently. Just like Jewel said in one of her songs "I'd rather see the world from another angle", I too see the world differently than most. I bet most artists would say the same thing. Van Gogh's work was dream like with bright distorted colors. It showed so much freedom just like flying in a dream. It was a place where he could be himself. I feel that art is subjective. It is an expression of one self. A place to show your heart, your pain and your joy. Without art, this world would be so empty.

When I paint, I turn on meditative music and allow it to take me away to another realm. What comes from that realm is what was meant to be on that canvas. It is a piece of my soul in that very moment. My desire is for others to enjoy my work and if they love it, they would purchase it for themselves. I hope by putting myself out there, I can share a piece of me with others and along with other artists, make this world a beautiful place through our art.

-For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream.

-I dream of painting and then I paint my dream.

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