Cedar Tree Artistry

Cedar Tree Artistry


Hello, Beautiful People!

I welcome you with loving, open arms to my ever-expanding, ever-evolving collection of work. Hoping you are intrigued and inticed by at least one image you see here for embedded in each lies a piece of my heart and soul. I am always reachable by email, Facebook, or Instagram messenger to anyone who wishes to discuss with me, and witness the birth of, their creative vision so I will leave those links/information bellow. But first, a little about myself!

My name is Cedar; I create custom designs (tattoos, portraits, dreamscapes, home decor, logos, and greeting cards to name a few) as well as my own, unique works of art.

A true wild child of this Earth, I have always enjoyed the comfort that nature brings more than any sofa so, it goes without saying, most of my life has been spent outdoors :)
I thoroughly enjoy exploring the neverending trails, streams, and breathtaking overlooks that make up my mountainous homeland of Asheville, North Carolina. Although I'm not just a hiker/artist/child at heart, I also have the pleasure of being a mother to one mystical little elf of a daughter, Stella Irie. My adventures with this 18-month-old and my partner, Dyllan, are more gratifying than words can describe. They are the ones who truly tend to the fire in my heart that makes up this artistic passion I have.

I will forever be motivated by what can be achieved with my two hands and a blank canvas, as well as, how I can channel my energy into (not only creating more uplifting content) spreading a little light and happiness into this life when it is so very crucial. My family and I are avid supporters of doing whatever possible in order to preserve/grow the health and prosperity of every living being that makes up this wonderful planet. Therefore, it is our promise to direct all of the proceeds my art manifests towards people, organizations, and content that work(s) endlessly towards the betterment of our Earth through peace, persistence, and most of all unity!

Lastly, I thank you kindly for your interest in my work and hope the very best for each one of you in your endevours.

Love and Blessings,

Cedar <3

Email: cedar.wimmer@gmail.com
Instagram: @sowingceeds
Facebook: @sowingceeds

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