Art embraces my search for identity and meaning. It allows me to reunite with memories, imagination, and identity. Color offers me a wordless and impactful way to describe my world and feelings. I strive to create artwork that enables the observer to interact with my existence.
Painting is my voice. Colors are my words. As an artist, I have been and I am still on a journey through disquieting memories and self-discovery. The process of creating art is as important to me as the final story told on canvas. Larger canvasses help me to bring the colors into more sculptured textures. With each canvas I enter into a sacred color ceremony that draws me into the unknown.
For me, making art is, first and foremost, being faithful to yourself and your view of the world. It is about expressing feelings and impressions that go beyond words; that capture fleeting moments and glimmerings of feeling. My art reflects the precariousness of life.

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