C.C. Townsel

C.C. Townsel


I'm Christina, a self-taught artist. I've been creating most of my young years on this earth, but most recently decided to share my creations.
Art in general is a freedom of expression. An artist can easily make a painting or write a poem that they subconsciously placed on paper; not knowing the power they've just made, but to the observer/reader that painting or poem changed their lives. There shouldn't be strict rules on why the art was made, and how you should make it. (Which is what society has made it out to be) It isn't a machine. It's a feeling. The experiences you have/had in life should be expressed in your creations. Your subconscious thoughts should be voiced in your work. If everything you craft is constructed like a robot than it isn't real!
Art isn't just what you see when you glance at it. It's about how it makes you FEEL when you see it.

“An artist must be free to choose what he/she does, certainly, but they must also never be afraid to do what they might choose” - Langston Hughes

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