Sledgehammer Painting

Sledgehammer Painting

My paintings attract people who are looking for authenticity, every time you look at one of my works you will notice something; a small nuance or intricacy that you did not see before, it will brighten up your day and become an endless source of good energy. I hope you will get momentarily lost in my work; I hope that it will cause you take a second and dream.

These paintings are created using Latex Enamel as well as Ink, often times a Graffiti Marker and Oil Pastel are used as well. Chris prefers using bright and vibrant colors with strong line and shape in his compositions, he has a gift for creating controlled explosions on canvas, paired with a love for intelligent composition and subject matter revealing love for the world in his work.

Currently Chris is working and developing an exciting new series of conceptual paintings using pieces of cinder block to create architectural fragments in vibrant colors on large wood supports.

Pop Cultured

Sledgehammer Reflection Mark Series

Sledgehammer Painting | Chris Crewe

Sledgehammer Face Clown Series