I was born in Baku . I spent my childhood in Algeria, where my father worked, and returned to Baku in 1978. I like that Baku is located on the shores of the Caspian Sea. I spend a lot of time at sea; I love to paint the sea and take a lot of photos related to the marine theme. Urban environment for me associates with conflict - issues of overpopulation, ecology, and many others. I feel better in small towns.

There are no artists in my family. My daughter is a musician, and although she has beautiful pictures, she did not follow my footsteps. My parents are not with us for a long time. My father was an engineer and my mother was an economist.
I paint from 3 years old. Even though I wanted to become a doctor as a child, everyone around me knew that I would be an artist. After admission to art school my life entwined forever with the profession of an artist.

I am inspired by the environment – everything that I see and think about. This can be a room where I stay, or a fisherman's cottage, where I spent the night. This may be my cat, or the flying bird, my romantic thoughts, the sea, my travels to other cities in Algeria where I grew up... and much more. I have my own technique of working with pastels, which really fascinates me.
My motivation? for me this is just a way of living. This is my desire to share what I love. It's simple. If I think a lot about colors, but it seems to me that I do not understand them. Therefore, I am often surprised myself when I end up loving the result. It's funny but it's true.