Catt McGonigle

Catt McGonigle

Hello, I'm Catt McGonigle. The photo you see in my profile, that's Covid, my cat. Yes, I named my cat, Covid. That gives you just a little hint about what I'm like, not only online, but in person.
I stay to myself, I'm quite, but I'm loud. I take a lot of photos in places and of things that many people pass everyday and find just not that interesting. Sometimes, I feel we should be reminded, of how beautiful, how colorful, how different we all see the same way, we just never see the same thing. I get inspired by the comments about my work, how it changes people, how they look forward to seeing new images, how it made them feel and in some cases how it made them change they way they saw something from that point on. Even the comments that I'm not as great as I or anyone thinks, inspire me in ways , that remind me I'm loved. It's crazy how a photo is so silent yet can say so many things and speak so loudly to some.
So I keep me humble, as I am reminded that I'm truly blessed. I'm honored for the gift that God has given me to, to share with everyone, the ability to capture this remarkable place he has lent to all of us...
Enjoy my vision of our world, thur my blue eyes.

Flowers, Grasses, &Weeds

City, Streets, & Equipment


Railyards, tracks & trains

Roads that lead you home


Old Cars


Skylines of Kansas

Collection of Trees

Mind-blowing Cloud Shots