Catt Landa

Catt Landa

Catt Landa is a French self-taught tattoo artist and painter.

She was born in Palaiseau ( France ) in 1981, Portuguese and Caribbean origins, she grew up in Les Ulis.

Passionate about art, she begins by reproducing the heroes of her childhood. At the age of 10, she begins to paint, but prefers direct contact with the medium, and decides to develop her artistic abilities by working with pastels, pencils and charcoal.

After a Scientific A-level, she studies medicine at the University of Orsay.

Then she took drama classes at the FACT school in Paris, shortly after to return to her first passion , drawing...

Hyperrealism is the artistic movement that touches her the most, and since 2012, she picked up her brushes, observing the Renaissance old masters techniques.

She exhibited her first paintings in France in February 2013 (at the Robert Hossein Center in Nozay, at the opening she sold 3 paintings ) and November 2013 (at the Carrefour des Arts in Linas, she received the Audience Award).

Her next exhibition will be in Paris in January 2018, during the Art3f Art Fair ( Porte de Versailles).

Concerning tattooing, some of her tattooed friends suggest her the idea to engrave skin forever. So she buys all the material, she learns alone at the beginning, then receives some advice from fellow tattoo artists. She works in several tattoo studios and conventions all around the world.

Her artistic approach took several years to end up at an original idea, because she wants to find a way to link her passion for painting, tattoo and history.

Her idea is to highlight the historical, the life, the actions of the subjects that she paints, like a pictural biography and dermo-biography. She adapts books in the same way.

Each painting represents a minimum of 3 months of research and work.


Dermo-biography painting

Book's adaptation