Catherine Chrisler Art

Catherine Chrisler Art

Bio/Artist’s Statement
I began my career as a fashion illustrator and then eventually creative director in department stores, retail agencies and catalogs in Chicago, Boston and Saint Louis. I have painted through the years, but in the last two years I have dedicated each day to furthering my craft and improving my art through creative exploration, as well as online courses with some very renowned fine artists.

I don’t limit myself to one particular medium or style.
For my abstract work, it depends on which series I’m leaning toward. In the muted minimalist series, to achieve an ethereal quality, oil, cold wax and oil pastels are my preference. I can build layers and add texture, working in oil allows me time to manipulate the images, resulting in a change in creative expression.

The bold brush series is mainly mixed media efforts, utilizing several different tools. These include palette knives, an orbital sander, stencils, colored paper for collages and 3D projects, acrylic, gouache and oil pastels. Bright colors and generous amounts of black in geometric shapes are reminiscent of mid-century modern graphics.

My figurative work, both portrait and landscape, reside between realism and abstract expressionism. I use diverse styles and techniques to convey attitudes and emotions through non traditional styles, resulting in freedom, spontaneity and personal expression.

Barn Series

Shapes Series