Catherine's Flowers

Catherine's Flowers

"When you look at the paintings of my flowers, you see the reflection of my soul. If you follow my flowers' lead, they will take you to a divine land where Beauty conquers it all. Discovering my world of joy, blissful thoughts and delightful emotions, you will feel less troubled and just a bit happier like myself. My love for you will become mutual". Catherine Tuzova-Lubañska

A Ukraine based artist, Catherine Lubañska, was born in Kiev into a very creative family of an architect mother Ludmila, and a poet & a journalist father, Eugene Tuzov-Lubanskij.
As a true representative of impressionism and abstract intuitive painting, all of her work is dedicated to the subject of her inspiration - Flowers. Since early childhood she adored flowers, took painting lessons at a local Arts' School under supervision of Nicholai Kutnyakov and Vladimir Marusenko.
Catherine's paintings are filled with exhilaration, bliss and could be found in private collections in Ukraine, Russia, Belarussia, Poland, Italy, Germany.
Catherine believes that her art is a gift of love and joy to her dearest friends and family, as well as the constantly growing fan base of people falling in love with her masterpieces. Currently she's an actively working artist, who is hosting workshops, classes, and being showcased in numerous galleries in Kiev since 2008.

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