Corporate Art Task Force

Corporate Art Task Force

A department of Shahnawaz Associates ( that deals exclusively in one-stop corporate art solutions, dealing with:

• Art Murals,
• Sculptors,
• Public Art,
• Exterior / Interior Building Signage System,
• Custom Paintings,
• Communication Graphics,
• Integrated Art & Architectural Solutions,

Our Philosophy

We believe that an artist alone cannot execute the production of a relevant, contemporary and affective artwork. There are many areas of expertise that come into play in the design and production of custom artwork requiring appropriate professional direction.

Taking this into consideration, we employ various visual art professionals that work collectively to produce art, including:

• Architect,
• Interior Designers,
• Engineers,
• Artists,
• Digital Artists,
• Graphic Designers,
• Communication Design Specialists,
• Framers,
• Sculptors,

Since our work is not an effort of any one professional, we consider CATF as the final artist behind all our artwork led by Ar. Shah Nawaz (having more than 35 years work experience in the industry). Consider the following stages of art production to better understand the dynamics of art production under our corporate art philosophy.

Stages of Art Production

Stage 1. Establishing a design criteria based on clients requirement
Stage 2. Evolution of design concept based on design criteria,
Stage 3. Development of alternate visual concepts,
Stage 4. Selection / Approval of options with mutual consent of client,
Stage 5. Finalization of the conceptual design,
Stage 6. Working Drawings + Execution Strategy planning
Stage 7. Costing,
Stage 8. Tender Document,
Stage 9. Execution, Supervision and Implementation of Artwork,
Stage 10. Maintenance Manual & Procedures of temporary artwork change,
Stage 11. Closing the Project / Handover

Our services work best for:

• Residential & Corporate Office Spaces,
• Educational Institutions,
• Hospitals,
• Public Art Programs,
• Clubs, Hotels and Resorts,

Past Clientele:

• Reagan Foundation
• NBC Universal
• RI Philharmonic Orchestra Music School
• Routledge Publications
• Interior Design Furnishings of Several Local Residential Projects
• Interior Design Furnishings of Several Local Hospitals