Monique Harris

My digital artwork starts as a concept in my mind and at times will take form in a whole different way, by the time I put the first image on the screen. When I was young, I wanted to figure out how I could create my own style of art, given my physical limitations. I developed an interest in computer-based graphic arts and learned how to use imaging software with the use of a head-wand to create my work. As a woman with Cerebral Palsy, my two greatest accomplishments have been raising my twenty-three-year old son as a single mother and owning my graphic-art-based business.

I now get to spend more time on my art. I feel my creativity has become unleashed this past year and is flowing into my artwork more and more. Shapes and colors stimulate my creative energy, as well as how they intermingle and compliment each other. At times a completed work will only contain shapes that seem to draw out a particular feeling or emotion. But I love finding just the right image and reinterpreting it in various ways to make a statement.


Blue Lady


Mystery of Orange