Kim Castor

Kim Castor

Kim Castor Was born in Keene NH in 1956 and then moved to the Trenton Florida area in 1968. He started out mostly drawing pictures of still objects, and anything of interest, he took art classes all through high school and was at the top of the art class, drawing, painting, animations projects, and some pottery, he won an honorable mention for a mobile he created for an art show with all the Florida schools involved. He has one painting on display at the Manchester Art Gallery in Manchester NH.

He got really interested in painting first by desire and then by watching William Alexander and Bob Ross on TV, which motivated him to start painting in oils with the wet on wet techniques. Since then he has mastered that technique and then used it with his own style of painting which added more of the older styles of painting.

Kim also studied under Leonid Afremov through his online Artist Academy learning how to paint in oils using only a knife, he quickly advanced through the beginners class and then graduated the intermediate class with A+ marks through the whole class.

I also took classes from the artist Michael James Smith who lives in England and his the Son of famous artist David Smith.

He has also held classes on his own in Bell, teaching mostly adults in the wet on wet technique, he currently is listed on and sells paintings and prints there. Kim has painted 100's of paintings and sold them all over the US and even some in England.

Kim is a member of (GFAA) Gainesville Fine Arts in 2015, Gainesville Florida.
He also is showing and selling art work at the Newberry Firehouse Art Gallery in Newberry Florida.

Right now my biggest influence is Micheal James Smith, he has really inspired me to improve my paintings a lot!

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