Cassandre Milard art

Cassandre Milard art

From dancing, to playing piano, to interior decorating, to poetry and painting, it is impossible to separate Cassandre Milard from art. It has been part of her life since childhood.


Originally a classically trained pianist and a latin dancer, Cassandre Milard blended her paintings with her 20 years experience in music and dance, bringing about a perfect union of her three passions. While living in Montreal, Cassandre Milard has been perfecting her skills in figurative and abstract art since 2015. In 2019, she moved to Brooklyn.

Each of her paint strokes are a reflection of the linguistic and cultural duality she embraces as a francophone American-Canadian woman of creole descent. Her musical and dance background has undeniably shaped her growth as a self-taught painter. Elements of movements, sensuality, texture and festivity present on her canvases are a true testimony of her many artistic passions.


If I could express the deepest forms of my imagination in words, there would be no more reason for me to paint. Painting is a language in which I am fluent. As I study it’s grammar, syntax, ponctuation and figures of speech, painting grows to become my first expressive form of language.

The body of my work is rooted in feminist discourse, sexuality, intimacy, self discovery and self empowerement. My primary interest is encouraging others to develop awareness of internal and external existence.

A few elements that I use as mediums, feathers and rhinestones, are inspired by the dance costumes that I used to wear during my performances as a latin dancer. To add even more texture and character to my acrylic paintings, I often use sand and gold leaves.
There is palpable movement in each of my paintings and a mixture of so many vibrant colors. My work will bring light, warmth and character to any space.