Cassandra McClure's Art

Cassandra McClure's Art

Cassandra McClure was born into art. After her grandfather passed away in 2010 she discovered hidden drawings and paintings that he had stenciled on all kinds of objects including a shed and conks. Steve McClure was known only to be a retired navy seal, skilled wood worker, mechanic and welder. His art was only a quiet hobby. Cassandra believes the skills were a sort of ritual or tradition passed down to her after his death, and upon her discovery of the items in his home. Later that evening she had an urge to paint her first official piece.
Cassandra has always been an artist at heart, running a successful mobile makeup and hair studio on top of being a successful model and actress. She is an educated, professional and skilled artist in all walks of her life including writing, web-design, fashion, makeup, modeling and now, 'painting'. She is known to use all sorts of materials to create her work on canvas and paper including dry paint chips, makeup and other foreign objects applying using both her hands and brushes.
In 2014 she released her first painting called 'FACE'. She was successful at producing and selling her memorabilia on t-shirts, key chains, stickers, throw pillows and posters. (These items can be found on her secondary art webpage at The painting also caught the attention of several art galleries throughout New York and Seattle.

Cassandra makes and ships original pieces and reprints of her art world-wide.

Cassandra prides herself in using her body to create living art. She has always worked with countless other creative and unique artists including body painters, makeup artists, stylist and hundreds of photographers world-wide. She embraces the unique styles of each and every artist she meets and it shows in her work. She is a true chameleon that wears endless masks of identity. In 2014 alone she was featured in over a dozen classy centerfolds and graced the cover of Alwayz Therro magazine. Cassandra also featured as a muse in her first-ever Art gallery in New York City (later landing another gallery show in Seattle on June 21st 2014 at the RAW Artist show) where her face sold several t-shirts and Polaroid's among other memorabilia. Her recent modeling work can be found at , there you can see news stories, photos and press releases. She is represented by 90210 management in Beverly Hills but her success comes from her drive to network digitally with artists all over the globe at astounding locations, landing her modeling jobs in places like Dubai, Thailand, Aruba and Morocco. Find her on Instagram by searching her name.

Oh, and If you want to see Cassandra's image styling work (including hair, makeup and fashion styling portfolio) go check out her official website at . Cassandra is widely known for her work in film and T.V. working internationally on the T.V. show 'Jet Set' filmed all over Africa, Europe and the middle east. Go see what she is up to today by visiting her Facebook by searching Cassandra "MUA" (Make Up Artist).

Cassandra proves that there are no limits in life, and regardless of where you came from or what you've been told.

"we all write our own stories and your only limits are what you set yourself up to accomplish." - Cassandra McClure

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