Cary Lee Art

Cary Lee Art

In 2010 I quit my job and moved to Granada, Spain.
The move to Spain was necessary but very, very difficult; however, it had the desired effect and I began to see more clearly what I really wanted to do with my life, and how I could get there. I had no choice other than to become an artist.
In Spain I learnt that looking, seeing, reflecting, and drawing, was my most important career, and that all the other careers which I had been pursuing, would now supplement the development of my art practice. From this point on, I made an agreement with myself to start building a body of work which would record my role as an observer, and as an artist.
My artwork doesn't permit me an escape from myself, as some artwork does. Rather, it pulls me into an exploration of an enigmatic internal space. It also allows me to explore the narcissistic threat of falling in love with one’s own images and one’s reflections. I question whether I will lose myself in my reflections, or whether this exploration will ultimately engender my liberation.

Together Without You


Anatomy of a Cloud

Loved Ones