The Art of Carolyn Sterling

The Art of Carolyn Sterling

Carolyn Sterling has been fortunate in her art career to be able to train under 2 well-known Renaissance artists who have given her a clear understanding of the beauty and balance of the “Old Master’s Techniques” style of painting.

Her first teacher was internationally recognized Roberto Lupetti, whom she studied with for 4 years. He always impressed the importance of “finding your own niche” using the techniques he taught her. Several years later she took classes with Libby Berry, who operates “The New Renaissance Academy School of Living Oils”, in Whidbey Island, WA. With Libby she learned ever more principal formulas used by the “Old Masters”. This included learning the inter-relationship of using layers of paint, delicately applied (just as the Renaissance artist’s did), to obtain brilliant colors. This technique, although tedious, produces astounding glowing effects on the canvas.

Carolyn realized her “niche” was floral painting and has concentrated on capturing their beauty on canvas. She especially likes to paint flowers that are only with us for a few weeks a year, such as orchid’s, rhododendron, iris’, peony’s and roses. Her artist statement is: I agree with Henry Ward Beecher’s comment, “Flowers are the sweetest thing that God ever made and forgot to put a soul into”, and if I can capture just a tiny essence of their beauty on canvas for others to enjoy, I feel fulfilled as an artist. I like to paint flowers that are only with us a few months a year so they can be enjoyed throughout the entire year. I believe that the Renaissance style of painting enables me to bring the glow and translucency of flowers to life.

One of Carolyn’s orchid painting’s was published in the book “The Best of Floral Painting 2”, and another painting was a finalist in “The Best of Art” issue of Artist’s Magazine. She also won “Best in Show” in the “Women Artists of the West Annual International Exhibition” in Biloxi, Mississippi, as well as numerous “Best of Show” awards throughout her career.

In February 2007, Carolyn was the featured artist at the San Francisco Orchid Show – the second biggest orchid show in the United States. She was on several television stations in the United States as well as Japan and was filmed while painting an orchid painting. There were approximately 250,000 people that came to the show.

Her paintings have hung in the finest galleries in Carmel, CA, Dallas, TX, and Kirkland, WA, as well as many private collections throughout the United States, Europe and Asia and is currently showing in California.

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